Top 5 staking methods you could use to maximize your betting profits

It’s very easy to pass a statement that betting strategy is very crucial when it comes to sports betting, but what makes a profitable strategy? Once you start studying different betting systems, you’d realize that some of them deliver far greater returns compared to others, while some would drop you out fairly quickly.

Regardless of the betting strategy you use, it’s extremely important that you punt only with the off-line or online bookmakers that can be trusted with your hard-earned money. With so many bookies out there on the internet, it’s easy to get lost in too many sites, many of which look an awful lot alike. To get some idea of what reliable online bookies are, look for those with secure payment options, 24-hour support and even for real-world contact details. Most simply, though, the internet is your friend here. Enter the site into your favourite search engine and see what kind of reviews come up. Five-star ratings, based on one-thousand customers, is obviously much more reliable than high scores from a couple of customers or low scores from many.

There is no point spending so much time and energy, only to realise that you won’t be paid out your wins and all those resources were in vain. Here’s a piece that talks about if profitable betting systems do exist.

Let’s quickly take you over the top 5 staking methods you can use to maximise your sports betting profits.

Bet everything you’ve got, every time

This strategy is about betting your entire bankroll on every bet of yours. The benefit offered by this strategy is that you could bag huge returns, fairly quickly.

The downside?

The moment you lose a bet, you’d be out of money and probably out of the game as well!

Fixed wagers strategy

You decide a fixed amount that you’d bet with for each punt, and never veer away from the strategy, regardless of what may be at stake.

To give you an example, if you were to fix the bet amount at $ 100 bet (with a bankroll of $ 1000) and your winning chances were 55%, at odds of 2.000, as per this method you’d have significantly reduced your chances of losing away your entire bankroll. However, the downside is that your winnings may be limited.

Martingale strategy

As per this betting strategy, you need to double your stake amount after every failed bet. This is to potentially cover your losses with the winnings from the next bet.

Although the strategy involves quick increases compared to fixed wagers (as you’d be doubling up to cover losses), facing any sequential losses, and then continuing to double the stakes (as required by the strategy) you might soon see yourself betting huge amounts, and constantly chasing your losses. Having said that, many people have actually benefited immensely from clever use of this strategy.

Fibonacci system

In this betting strategy you’re expected to increase your stake each time in a Fibonacci sequence. Just like the Martingale strategy, this method also is about covering up your losses with the winnings of the next bet.

Fibonacci system has the same drawbacks as that of the Martingale method, but it’s different in the manner that it reduces the quickness with which you increase the stake amounts, if you’re on a losing streak. And some of these strategies, like Martingale, Fibonacci etc. are used in casino games like roulette too!

Proportional betting strategy

Proportional betting strategy is about betting a certain percentage of your bankroll depending on your edge. If you were to use the Kelly criterion formula in proportional sports betting, your bet would be the edge divided by the odds. So, if the odds are even, and the edge is 10%, your bet would be 10/1 = 10.

Hence, 10% of the $ 1000 bank loan would be $ 100. In the event that this bet is successful, your next bet would be $ 110, which is 10% of $ 1100 bankroll. Hope you get the drift.


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