Tips that can come in handy while betting on football matches

Football betting is something anyone and everyone can indulge in provided he/she is old enough to do so. Whether you’re just starting out in the football betting world, or are a seasoned-campaigner, you can have some fun while getting behind your favourite players/teams and perhaps win too!

Many people bet small amounts of money to add that extra bit of excitement to those weekend football matches. And once they’ve placed their bet/s on a reputed platform like Sbat, they can sit back and watch the sports event with the assurance that they’d be paid their money if they win the bet/s.

However, there are some things you can do to improve your winning chances. Let’s take you over a few of them below:

Studying the recent form

Everyone knows football is a highly unpredictable sport wherein a team higher in the league can still be beaten by the lower-placed teams, if it’s not their day. For instance, Liverpool is always vulnerable against the bottom-half teams.

You must always pay attention to the recent form of the two participating teams. It’s important to know which team is struggling and which ones playing well, which one has a better away or home record, and which one has been conceding a lot of goals lately. Here you can go through various match statistics and estimations.

Which team is desperate for a win

Some of the matches played towards the end of the season or in smaller cup competitions can feature a top team going up against a lower ranked team. Although you might be encouraged to get behind the stronger team, you must hold on to your horses and ponder if it would be the right bet to place.

Many a times stronger teams choose to rest their key players during such contests, which can have a significant impact on the end result. It’s not uncommon to witness surprise defeats (not surprising actually) in such matches.

Consider in-play betting

In case you are unsure about whom to get behind, you can always wait for the match to start and then place in-play wagers. This would allow you to get a feel of the team who is playing better on the day. Although you might get lower odds on such bets, reducing your profit margin, you’d at least be better placed to make the right betting decision.

For instance, if you’re unsure about the Portugal vs Spain FIFA World Cup match on June 15 this year, you could wait till the match day and opt for in-play bets instead.

Keep things simple

This tip is more targeted at the starting-out football bettors, as they can often get overwhelmed by the options and start placing random bets. You must bet only on the markets that you have some understanding about. Base your decisions on the things you know and don’t try to outsmart the bookies. It is advisable to bet on teams/players you know about, with bets you understand well.

Never chase losses

The most important advice for all football bettors regardless of their experience is to bet only what you can afford to lose, and never chase any losses. It implies that you must first figure out your budget before placing any bets. It would enable you to move on even if you lose. In case you come closer to exhausting your bankroll, make sure that you bet with only what you’ve left, and never go overboard.


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