Superstition or surprising fact? Here are 5 classic ‘lucky’ rituals to try out at casinos

The world is split into superstitious people and sceptics. Gamblers are certainly no exception to this rule, with many either bringing lucky charms to tables with them or scoffing at those who do.

Those who are not superstitious may believe the secret to luck is knowledge. Online casino rating sites are helpful,’s Casumo Casino review shows how they provide a better insight in the casino gaming world. But with luck playing an integral role in almost all casino-based games, you can’t be blamed for wanting to bring, wear, say, or try things that might boost your good fortune. So, we’ve gathered five lucky rituals that you can on your next casino outing.

1. Good luck charms

There are endless amounts of good luck charms, with four-leaf clovers, rabbit’s feet, and horseshoes among them. But these are the more traditional ones, and nowadays, people are starting to make their own personal ones, projecting a certain amount of belief in them.

For example, among the most commonly spotted good luck charms at casinos are lucky coins, toys, figurines, items of jewelry, and maneki-nekos (small cat figures who wave or beckon with their right paw, which are of Japanese origin).

Basically, any item that has been proven to be lucky to a gambler before – in any situation – is likely to be brought along with them on each successive trip to the casino, even placed on the table in front of them in some cases.

That is, of course, until it is proven futile…

2. Kissing the dice

Often, a gambler will find that their very fate – possibly fortune – lies in the dice they’re holding. So, in order to coax the dice into giving the person the outcome that they so desire, they will often blow on, kiss, or even lick the dice before rolling.

But as mentioned above, there are two kinds of people in the world: those who don’t believe in kissing the dice for good luck are often of the opinion that the practice is unhygienic. These people have a point, of course; those dice are handled by hundreds of people every day, let alone the dozen or so players sitting at your table with you.

3. Lucky clothing

This next item on the list works in a similar way to lucky charms: some gamblers who win big on one occasion will wear the exact same outfit the next time they visit the casino.

The reason for this is that they think the clothes they wore brought them the luck they needed, so they’ll rely on it the next time around, too. And many will say it needs to be the exact same whole outfit – not just your lucky red boxers – otherwise it might not work.

You can’t even wear a different pair of socks. If you do, a lot of superstitious and luck-happy gamblers will warn of your luck drastically declining. Appropriately, it seems the phrase “all or nothing” works well in this context. Consider choosing the game that best suits you and play confidently dressed in your lucky outfit.

4. Bringing a guest

This one is a little less well-known, but it works in the same way as wearing the same outfit you wore last time you won big: some people like to bring the very same person they were with the last time they won. This is a “lucky person,” essentially.

For those among us who are less superstitious, having a friend nearby is simply a good way of ensuring moral support. Such a person can also help a gambler to feel at ease.

Some people combine number two on this list with bringing a guest by having them blow on the dice before the gambler rolls them. Can this be the ultimate good luck charm?

5. Leaving the table

This entry is a little different to the other four: some people believe that leaving the table during a game or after a completed one can have a direct impact on their chances of either winning or losing.

It’s more down to focus than it is down to presence at the table, however, with a lot of players believing that if their attention turns from the table for any tiny amount of time, luck will no longer be in their favour.

But perhaps even more bizarrely, some people want to – and do – leave the game or turn their attention away from it midway through because they think it will actually better their chances.

The bottom line

Of course, it’s worth bearing in mind that there is no way that any of these “lucky” rituals can be proven to work. Regardless, millions of players rely wholeheartedly on them to bring them luck.

And these are only a handful. They don’t even mention the rituals that are meant to be linked to bad luck – such as using $50 dollar bills, crossing your legs, betting on unlucky numbers, and counting your money while at a table.

Influencing chance is a near-impossible feat, so whether you believe in lucky rituals or not, do bear in mind that making sure your bet is placed is the only sure-fire to win you any money.


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