Day 22 – Betting journey from £20 to 75 inch TV

Yesterday provided one winner and one loser, however, the bank ended the day down because of the odds and the small double I did.

I may have to lower my target to a second-hand black and white portable TV the way this is going. OK, I am jesting and the fact is that the bank at £27.57 is still a massive 37.85% increase. Imagine that percentage increase compounded each month, it would be huge in the long run.

Anyway. let’s get on with today’s bet and there is just the one for me today.

I am going to back Fulham and both teams to score in their game against Reading. The Cottagers are playing well and are big favs to win the game but I am fairly confident they will concede at some point.

The stakes will be lower than usual because the odds are slightly higher than I normally do.

Bank £27.57

£5 Back BTTS and Fulham win @ 3.10



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