Day 1 – Betting journey from £20 to 75 inch TV

I want a new TV, a big TV, I do not need one but it is nice to have an upgrade and if I can get the bookies to pay for it then that makes it all even sweeter.

I can save like normal or even do a hefty bet but that would not be as much fun as turning £20 into a 75 inch TV valued at £650.

Naturally, I could easily lose this £20 but that is all. If I do, so be it and then I will move on to my next betting project but this feels like a good starting point and very achievable.

£20 is a fairly low starting point and means this will not be achieved any time soon but that is the whole idea behind a betting project and anyway, it is more satisfying this way.

This is purely about enjoying oneself while punting and is in no way to be taken too seriously, though if I ever do say £200 to a new car then that would be a different ball game entirely.

Anyway, this is day 1 and because of the low starting bank, I am going to go conservative and be careful with my first bet.

It should also be noted that at the start the amount of the betting bank I use percentage-wise will be very high and will decrease in the event we build the bank.

Day 1 bets

£10 on Sevilla 0 (AH) @ 1.77 with Pinnacle
£10 on  Juventus -1.75 (AH) @ 1.82 with Pinnacle


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