Man City midfielder openly flirts with Manchester United as he looks for a new club

Premier League legend Yaya Toure is set to sign for a new Premier League this summer after he decided he wanted to play at the highest level for at least the next two seasons, and it seems the Ivorian would be heading to Old Trafford.

Manchester United are a midfielder down with Michael Carrick retired already, and Jose Mourinho is sweating over new midfield targets as other big teams continue to fight them for reinforcements.

Toure seems open to the idea of helping the Red Devils out and he has a motivation for wanting to do that. According to the Ivorian he feels Paul Pogba could do better than he is doing now and he wants to help the French man.

He also doesn’t rule out playing against Manchester City in the future if he joins another big team, claiming:

“I don’t rule big teams out. The big teams are very important for me. What they want to achieve, the way they want to go, for me is very important.
“It’s going to be hard one day to play against City, but I have to do that. It is part of my job.”

About Pogba he added: “Pogba – it’s difficult because of the way the media has treated him. We don’t have the same characteristics because for me I was involved in all the ball, I ran everywhere.

Pogba is the same size, power – but different in the way he wants to go. Technically as well, the ability to score goals as well. It is a player I want to play with, to be honest, just to teach him some things.”

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