London Crypto Currency Exchange (LCCX) ICO A Game Changer

The ICO of the London Crypto Currency Exchange (LCCX) is set to end on Monday 30th leaving potential traders little time left to get involved.

Based just down the road from Shoreditch, LCCX have been raising funds since October 2017 and will issue a staggering £100m in tokens called LXT. LXT will be used to make transactions on the crypto exchange once launched but these can be purchased now, including the addition of a possible bonus, if bought before the ICO ends on Monday.

What makes LCCX such a game changer is that the group have done their homework, studying the market carefully and comparing what they wish to launch to what is already on the market. Current exchanges for example have numerous, and arguably many, issues, which to those in the UK would be strenuously questioned.

Unlike others, LCCX will not remain anonymous and will have a physical address to conduct their business. They are also working with the UK’s FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) which is a first for a crypto currency exchange, and they will also offer insurance on funds against hacking. Unlike bitcoin bookmakers you will be able to trade over 200 crypto currencies across the board including the likes of BTC, ETH and XRP.

Hacking has been rife against numerous exchanges in the past year and LCCX’s insurance adds a huge element of security for peace of mind. The biggest plus for a lot of traders though is the fact that they will be creating a live chat service. Whilst one would expect this at most places where you trade, the crypto currency exchange industry generally don’t offer this meaning thousands of traders are left waiting for tickets or not getting a response whatsoever. The live-chat system will be a Godsend, not only when help is required but also once again for peace of mind should there be something you wish to discuss.

The team behind the ICO could be deemed as one of the most professional setups we’ve seen so far with the experienced Robert Benwell as CEO and of course Founder, Mark Wilson Hooper as their Head of Network Security, and both Simon Cocking and Giacomo Arcaro amongst others as highly experienced and trusted advisors.

This is going to change the way London thinks when it comes to the likes of exchanges and you can still get tokens from the LCCX ICO now but you don’t have long so be sure to visit them as soon as possible.

Visit them directly on this link: to register and this link for their Whitepaper so you can take a look at the facts yourself: LCCX Whitepaper


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