How to Play Online Bingo

Bingo is a game of probability whereby the contestants cross off numbers on their cards as they are randomly drawn by a caller. The winner of the game is the first player to cross off all of the numbers on their card or a required pattern, such as a straight line from one end to the other. The game itself is believed to have been established in Italy around 1530, though with no accurate date.

The numbers are on balls drawn a machine either operated automatically or by an adjudicator. The games themselves often vary from 30, 52, 75, 80 or 90 balls and players will have different numbers on their cards to mark off as the balls are drawn. The number of players per game is unlimited.

Once a player has crossed off all the numbers on the required pattern they shout out “BINGO!” and have their card validated by the adjudicator. Should the player have marked his card correctly they are the winner. The game will continue if there is more than one prize to be won, or a new game is started if this is not the case.

Origins of bingo

Bingo was used in World War II by American fighter pilots as they shot down an enemy plane. But as a form of entertainment, the game itself existed long before then.

Back in the heart of Italy around 1530, known at the time as ‘Lo Giuoco Del Lotto’, or the Italian Lottery. The game was loved by many. But like all games of chance, it was banned by the Church.

By the end of the 18th Century the game had made its way around Europe, including France, Germany, Spain and Austria. In some regions it was considered as an educational tool.

It wasn’t until 1929 that it made its way to the United States, and more precisely, Atlanta, Georgia, initially called ‘Beano’.

How to win at bingo?

The most important bingo rule you need to know is how to win the game itself. To help you, here are some strategies to go by:
• Play with several cards to increase the number of combinations to be marked off
• Choose similar cards as close to identical numbers increases your chances of winning
• Play in automatic mode online, letting system tick the selected boxes to avoid missing any numbers on your cards
• Choose rooms with fewer players
• Try your luck from Monday to Thursday as generally this period is less busy in the bingo halls
• Select games with bonus winnings and/or bonus games to increase your chances of winning some prize

Playing real money online bingo

There are many online bingo halls to choose from which can make it difficult to select between. Generally, you’ll want to make sure you choose a site that is secure, such as a local license.

There are sites dedicated to bingo which generally offer better bonuses and more entertainment. After all, it is their specialty. Compared to an online casino for example, which offers a variety of games, such as poker, blackjack and slots.

Play your favourite game with a promotional offer

The internet has seen the online gaming business boom this millennium and bingo has been no exception. Whilst it used to be associated with the elderly going to socialise in a dark bingo hall, the game has become much more popular over the past 20 years with the ability to play from the comfort of your own home, from your mobile phone or tablet.

With the growth in popularity comes the growth in websites and apps to play the game and therefore the promotional offers have increased to attract players. So, when you’re signing up to a new site be sure to take advantage of the bonus offers available to you. These can often be free cards and/or free money to play with.

One of the most popular bingo offers around currently is from Wink Bingo, who offer a 400% bonus up to £100 per bonus for new players.

Which will be your favourite variation?

There are a number of variations online with most bingo sites offering all of them and in several forms. As the names suggest, they differ in the number of balls drawn, but the rules are generally the same:
• 30 balls
• 52 balls
• 75 balls
• 80 balls
• 90 balls

The grid on your card will usually consist of nine squares. Depending on the model to be completed on your bingo card, there are two types of main game. The most common form of winning is to fill the entire grid by crossing off each number as they are drawn.

Some bingo games allow the possibility of winning by filling in either a row, column, or a particular diagram, such as in the shape of an X.

How to hit the jackpot

Bingo bonuses are offered online to significantly increase the value of your bankroll. This is the case, for example, with no deposit cash offers which are credited to the player’s account upon registration. From the first deposit, some online casinos do not hesitate to grant doubling deposit bonuses. These can be used to buy more cards or increase stakes.

What are the advantages online?

Thanks to the development in technology, online gaming rooms offer their customers a high-quality, immersive experience.

Whether in terms of graphics, sound and even the bonuses to take advantage of, everything has been thought out to offer a unique experience. Once logged into their account, users often have the chance to enjoy:
• Free game mode to practice
• Different variations
• An automatic system that stamps the boxes of the numbers drawn
• Chat room to socialise
• Tips and suggestions from experienced players on the platform
• Bets on various and varied combinations
• Tournaments and competitions
• Bonuses and other offers
• A less strict winning system

One of the biggest advantages is that you can play it without friends and meet new people in the online chat rooms, all from the comfort of your own home without needing to dress up and go into town.

Bingo games are a great way to have an evening of fun with family, friends, or large gatherings.


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