How to Earn Free Bitcoin by Playing Games and Watching Ads




With zero football to bet on things have been very quiet here at (the odd casino player here and there but nothing major). So we decided to look at some ways to earn Bitcoin 100% free just by playing games on your phone, watching youtube, 30 second ads, spinning wheels, loads of ways, and we found some great places.

A little word of warning. If you want to earn $50-£100 per day in Bitcoin you’ll need to put about 3-8 hours in per day. If you’re unfamiliar with Bitcoin $50 today could be worth $1000 next month, it could also be 5 cents, nobody really knows but we think it’s worth the effort

We’ll tell you where to go shortly but a few rules and tips so you don’t waste your time.

1) Some of the games have purchasing options to boost your levels. DO NOT SPEND ANY MONEY ON THESE GAMES. Don’t be lazy, just hack through it.

2) Some games take time but the beauty is that you can play as many as you like, I’ve got about 33 at the moment that I’m getting through which should equate to about $1750 in Bitcoin by the end of the month.

3) DO NOT TRY THE SURVEYS! We found these a waste of time. They ask you questions to start with which can take 5 minutes before saying that our age, demographic or location are not what they’re looking for. Don’t be tempted, just stick to games. 14th May Update: Certain Surveys are actually okay but it’s a case of luck in finding the right one’s.

4) Try the free slot machines. We were sceptical at first but these are free and not like your usual online casinos. Just remember DON’T SPEND ANYTHING ON BOOSTS!

5) Watch videos and ads. These are the easiest and some pay you to watch Youtube videos too. Across all of them you should be able to put on about 100 videos per day, obviously you don’t have to watch them, just stick it on and go to the fridge for a drink 🙂

6) Keep your mobile charged up and make sure you’ve got plenty of free space for some of the games!

We promise that if you put the time and effort in you will do well out of this. You’ll end up playing some really poor games which will bore you but hey earning the dollar isn’t always fun 🙂

Let’s get started!!

1) First of all you need a Bitcoin account or Wallet. If you already have one then go straight to point 2. If not, we recommend you join one of these. Bear in mind that it can take a few days to set these up but the free bitcoin apps do store the bitcoin until you wish to withdraw. The following can be joined and you can withdraw the bitcoin equivalent in cash.

Coinbase is the easiest option where you can withdraw to a number of banks, by clicking from here they’ll even give you $10 if you buy any bitcoin from them, but it’s not required.

Binance is highly popular and have many more options than Coinbase. If you join via this link you’ll also get 5% extra on any bitcoin you sell.

Join Coinbase

Join Binance

2) Now for the Apps and online websites that will give you the games to play. Each one shows you all the tasks available, it’s up to you which one’s you choose. Remember, DO NOT DO ANY SURVEYS – they’re not worth your time or effort.

Join and sign up to the following Apps:

QuicCrypto – easily the best one, you can earn 100 Satoshis every 4 hours just by watching ads and you have loads of games options, this one earns us the bulk of our bitcoin – you can also withdraw any minimum but we recommend you wait until you get at least 1000 Satoshis. If you play games for 12+ hours per day you should be able to earn a whole bitcoin in about 120 days

Cointiply – takes a few seconds to create account and loads of options to get bitcoin for games, watching vids and loads of other stuff like adding a link to facebook, twitter and so on.

The above two are the main App ones that are trusted and we’ve been able to withdraw without issues ever.

Join Quicrypto App or Join Quicrypto Web if you don’t have a smart phone.

Join Cointiply App

Those on the web are a little different but have most non-game options. We’d only advise you to join these if you have a PC or Laptop. It’s best to have the laptop running these whilst you’re on the mobile playing. You will need a bit of patience with these as many won’t allow withdrawals until you’ve earned a certain amount so best to stick with it, keep watching ads, clicking vids and doing the tasks each day and then think about withdrawing to your btc account about 2 weeks after you start.

If you keep checking you’ll just frustrate yourself but if you put the 5-8 hours in per day then in a few months you’ll be laughing.

FaucetPay – you need this one 100% – it’s basically a hub where a lot of other sites send BTC to first, this will be your main earning account that you withdraw to first and then withdraw to Coinbase or Binance. It’s an annoying system but just the way it is. Be patient, join up and write down the account username. It is worth all the effort believe me.

CoinPayU – this is a must and probably the easiest where doing things are concerned. Quizzes and contests are great ways to boost your bitcoin wallet.

BitTube – yep, you can earn bitcoin all day by watching youtube videos or browsing the web with Google Chrome, it sounds easy but you doing have to switch on some boring videos, it’s well worth it though and this adds to your full bitcoin wallet very nicely.

Join FaucetPay

Join CoinPayU

Join BitTube

This has worked for us very well and we know it will for you if you have nothing else to do during the day. If you can put in 8 hours each day then there’s no reason why you can’t make a living from this.

We realise that the bitcoin price can go down but hey we’re gamblers and we think it should go up nicely meaning if you do earn $1500 in bitcoin each month and don’t sell it, it could well be worth a good $5k plus in a year or two’s time.

There are loads more like this available which you can try so earnings are uncapped. Just be careful and remember the key phrase. DON’T SPEND ANY MONEY!


Free Bitcoin Earning Update 13th May 2020

Good Day to you All, We hope you’re all safe and sound tucked away at home. For the special keyworkers amongst you that are helping to keep the World moving a big thank you from everyone at Bethelp

We received a number of emails yesterday and I just wanted to go through a few of them with you, plus we’ve a few tips on offers for you to help maximise your free bitcoin earnings.

Firstly, Eme from Kenya emailed in to ask why he shouldn’t spend money on boosting the games he’s playing. This basically comes down to whether it really is worth it or not and in 100% of the cases we have tried (Drum Roll….) IT IS NOT WORTH IT. When a game asks you to pay say, $5.99 to get to the next level, it may well get you your bitcoin faster but you’re better off actually buying bitcoin from Binance worth $5.99 instead. Trust us, DON’T BUY ANY BOOSTERS OR SPEND ANY MONEY ON THE GAMES YOU HAVE TO PLAY.

Jack from the UK asks whether there is any point playing the faucet spins. The faucet spins are basically a free spin of a wheel, like a free lottery ticket where you can win anything from 22 Satoshis per hour and even up to 280 Satoshis on big wins. The truth is if you’re going to just spin once a day then definitely not, but if you’re spinning on all of those we recommend, each hour, then suddenly you could be getting at least 200 Satoshis per hour which is 2400 minimum based on 12 hours and 72,000 minimum per month. If you spin the max on occasion you’ll be looking at around 432,000 per month. The key here is patience and long term. Clicking once every few days is not worth it, you have to stick with it, in a few months time if you’ve stuck to it you’ll be grateful you did. At the time of writing 432,000 Satoshis is worth $38.97 – not bad just for spinning a few wheels 12 times a day.

Mr Dube, from Nigeria, and Hanker, from Sweden, asked about the 2FA system. For those that don’t know this is a security protocol setup to help secure your online accounts. They asked if they should run with 2FA and our answer is YES, 100%, ALWAYS. Anything that keeps your bitcoin safer on the web should always be done. It’s a small inconvenience that heavily outweighs the risk!

We’ll answer more emails tomorrow. If you need to ask anything please fire it to us on – we won’t have all the answers but we’ll try to help out

Here’s a full list of those we recommend at the moment:

Bitcoin Wallets:


Coinbase – this is a wallet only and not an exchange.

Free Bitcoin Apps:

Cointiply – The best we have found so far.

COIN – Different in that it gives you coins for leaving your phone on, tough withdrawal limit. Worth putting this on one phone if you have more than one, leaving it on all day while you do offers on the other.

QuiCrypto – Awesome and easy withdrawals.

Free Bitcoin Web:

Cointiply – Like the App version.

FaucetPay – Needed for these and most other free bitcoin earning sites.

CoinPayU – the best web version we have found.

MoreMoney – A bit messy but gets the job done.

BitTube – watching youtube all day and getting paid with Bitcoin.

Offers Tips on playing games for bitcoin

A lot of the offers involve playing games past certain levels, these can take time but as long as you remember the golden rule of DON’T BUY BOOSTS! you’ll do very well. This what we do:

1) Choose as many offers as you can at the same time. Some games like farming or Raid for example means you will have points where you can’t do anything. This is the perfect time to switch to a different game. Although the Apps will give you an idea on progress I choose to make a note on my notebook to keep track on what I have to do.

2) If there’s a game you don’t like playing, try asking your family members if they can jump on for 30 minutes, kids love playing games and it’s a great way to give your eyes a rest.

3) Take your time. Don’t rush. Things will come good and there is no better feeling than seeing the Bitcoin arrive in your account or when you are rewarded for completing the game task.

4) On the casino spins games these can take a long time. Go for the hard ones though as you can’t reinstall it at a later date and go for the higher rewards. Again, remember, DON’T SPEND REAL MONEY ON BOOSTS. For the slots, take it really slowly with minimum coins per bet, then take it up when you get to 20m or higher. With regards to choosing the right offer on this, anything from “Get to Level 70” and higher are best. It might take you 10 days+ to complete but well worth it. We started one that needs us to get to level 120 for about 54,000 Satoshis and we’re on about Level 71 so far.

5) Low Satoshi amounts offers. Some Apps only offer 1-12k – really have a go at these, like you’re Ronaldo going against a defender, you can easily finish 5 or 6 of these per day if you choose correctly.

6) Watch video ads in the game to give you boosts. There’s nothing wrong with watching ads to get a head start. You’ll find they help big time and over the long term they’ll have a huge impact on your earnings.

7) Take a break! Even if it’s just 5-15 minutes. If something needs doing on the app, ask your partner or children, go for a walk, grab a coffee or cola and relax. Add up in your mind how much Bitcoin you’re making every day 🙂

That’s it for today. We’ll be back in touch tomorrow with our latest updates and emails.

Stay safe and all the best!


Good Day Betting Fans!

We trust you are all well. With no sport on it’s easy to forget that we’re primarily a betting website but so little to bet on it has been tricky. Sticking with the bitcoin earning though we did find an option where, by clicking a few ads, watching a few videos and playing some games you can quickly get a decent amount of coins together and even make some bets on a game that can give up to 63x returns!

If you’ve been following these newsletter over the last 3 days then you should hopefully be already earning some decent bitcoin each day. If you haven’t, please take a look at this page on the site for all the info from joining up to, earning bitcoin, and tips on how to max your income.

If you want to get straight into it then try the following!

1) Install and Join the Cointiply App or, if you don’t have a mobile, Join the Cointiply Website

2) Do a few small tasks, like “Roll the Faucet”, “View PTC Ads”, “Watch Videos” or do the “Chatting”. Try to get around 500 coins, should be longer than 30 minutes.

3) Head to “Play The Multiplier” from the “Earn Coins” section in the Menu.

4) Get betting!

It’s that easy and you only have to bet 10 coins minimum with a max of 50,000 coins. If you get lucky you could win a max of 3,065,000 which at the time of writing is $297.67!!

Unfortunately there is no skill involved so a bit like a slot machine rather than football where there is a little research and skill involved. But, as you’re getting the coins for free we feel the winnings outweigh the risk. We’ve tried a few times at just 10 coins per bet and won 5,000 a couple of times, most wins are under 100 and of course you do get lots of times where you win nothing.

We suggest you only try this a few times per day and only bet a small amount. Remember we started this project to help people earn bitcoin, not gamble it or spend it. It’s really just a case of having a go and hoping one of you get lucky. If you do get lucky do please email us and send us a screenshot, we’ll put it on the next newsletter!

We haven’t done great the last few days as these newsletters take about an hour each day which to us is about 10,000 Satoshis so we might take a day or two off writing the newsletter. Any questions though please email us like the following have. Just give us your name and where you live if you can and we’ll put it in the newsletter. We receive hundreds per day so please don’t be upset if we don’t print all of them.

The first email was from Amminadab (location unknown) who asked that we write the info in French. Whilst it’s odd that someone subscribes to an English site for football tips it’s odd that they want them in French but then again, football scores are globally recognised so it shouldn’t matter. For those wanting this info in French we’ve added it to this page, bear with us though, it has been translated by Google so may not be 100% 🙂

Another email came all the way from Trinidad and Tobago, where Dez asked if we could choose just one bitcoin earning App which one would it be. Well, this is tough because we have about 14-20 (We’ll only introduce you to the others once we deem them good enough and only if we get proven bitcoin payments from them), but if we had to choose just one for all the things that can be done to earn then Cointiply wins it at the moment.

Joe from Ireland asked when the Premiership would start again. All I can say is that we are hearing something about mid-June but it’s a long shot. We have also heard that they could use Spurs stadium and have 60 minute games (30 mins each half). Spurs have 4 changing rooms and could therefore accommodate one game every hour and a half without mixing too many teams up. It sounds unlikely to happen though. It’s all just a real mess. I wonder what we’ll be telling our Grandchildren in 50 years…?

Ugo from Nigeria wins “Silly question of the Day” with “How do I earn bitcoin free?”. In a normal context it sounds a good question but the fact Ugo has read through the whole newsletter explaining what to do, then taken the time to ask what has just been fully explained to him quite rightly gives him the “Silly Throne” for today 🙂

More tomorrow everyone. I hope you’re earning well and please stay safe.


Choose How Many Coins You Want to Wager

The first screen you are shown allows you to choose how many Coins you would like to wager. You can wager as few as 10 coins, or as many as 50,000 Coins. The maximum multiplier (level 11 of our game) is 61.3x meaning you could make as much as 613 Coins from a 10 Coin wager, or as much as 3,065,000 Coins from a 50,000 Coin wager.

Once you have selected how many Coins you would like to wager, click or tap the “Start Round” button. This will start a new round of the game for you.

Select a Target

When you start a new round of the CointiPlay Multiplier you will be presented with 11 different “targets” on the screen. The targets look like small white circles.

Select a target (hopefully a winning one!) to reveal a red Gem cluster (a winner) or a black Gem cluster (a loser).

If you select a winning target, your Coin balance for the current round will go up! If you select a losing target the round will be over and you will lose your initial bet.

Keep Selecting Targets or Take Your Win

You can progress through the levels by continuing to select targets. If you are feeling lucky, you can try to make it all the way to level 11 to reach the maximum multiplier of 61.3x your initial bet.

If you would rather play it safe you can click the “Take Win” button at any time to claim your won Coins and end the round.

Continue Playing

After a round has ended, you can choose to continue playing by starting a new round, or easily change your bet and then start a new round. You can also view your play history by clicking on the circular menu icon (in the top left of the page) and clicking on the list details icon. This will show you a complete overview of all your wins and losses. You can click on any round from the list to view the details of that round.


We also now have two further Apps for you in which you can earn Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Litecoin (LTC).

The following are simply mobile ads watching and you can easily earn 1 BCH and a few LTC’s each month (About $250 and minimum withdrawals can be reached in one day easily) by getting on the App every few hours. You can also withdraw straight to your Binance Account.

You can join Binance here

Earn Bitcoin Cash App

Earn Litecoin App

Remember to put the correct BCH and LTC address in these Apps as it’s NOT THE SAME AS YOUR Bitcoin Addresses!



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