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Horse, Camel and Greyhound Racing-Top Animal Sports to Bet On

Not only do they help us with our everyday lives, but animals can also serve as great house pets and sports players.
If you’re an animal lover, and you’d want to see these creatures in action, then read on. You’ll get some adrenaline pumping in no time.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is one of the most popular animal racing sports in the world. This is an equestrian performance sport which involves a minimum of two horses ridden simultaneously by riders, who are called jockeys. The horses are ridden over a set distance, and the first one to reach the finish line wins.

Horse racing, throughout the years, has evolved into many different sub-types, which often evolved because of their respective geographical differences. There are some races exclusive to specific breeds, while there are also competitions where horses get to run through different distances, and sometimes even jumping on barriers.

Horse racing is commonly seen as purely for entertainment purposes. However, most of the sport’s interest comes from the gambling industry which generates more than $100 million annually.

It’s important that horses stay at peak health when racing. Their training procedure, genetics, and skeletal build are some of the most important factors jockeys and stable owners must consider. A horse’s muscle structure and speed also depend on their breed.

It might sound easy to raise a horse, but racing them is a whole different story. Take for example the importance of their fitness program. Every horse racer should have their unique plan to prevent themselves from sustaining any injuries.

Camel Racing

Image source: Getty Images

Then there is the racing sport called camel racing. This is popular in Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The King Fahd International Stadium is one of the biggest areas where camel races are held every winter.

What’s interesting about this sport is that it isn’t just treated as a form of leisure, but is seen as an honorable experience. Winners also usually don’t take home cash prizes, but camels instead. There are also those that are raised to the rank of camel race trainers.

Interestingly, camel racing has been around for hundreds of years, with the Bedouin tribes being the first people to start its tradition. Originally, the race involved thousands of camels racing across the open desert. But now, it has been limited to an oval stadium for safety, as well as for commercial, and budget purposes.

A number of changes have been made to update the sport without sacrificing its traditional aspects.. One of which is the robot jockeys which are controlled by operators.

These jockeys drive SUVs while honking the horn continuously and loudly to cause the camels to run faster. There are also a number of big races which are sponsored by bookmakers where you can bet on.

Though betting on camel racing isn’t yet that popular as horse and greyhound racing, it’s still worth a try.

Greyhound Racing

Greyhound racing is similar to horse racing but involves dogs rather than horses. This is a competitive sport which is played by greyhound dogs. This breed is specifically tuned to racing thanks to their build.

Their long legs, agile body, and high endurance make them the perfect dog breed for racing. Greyhound races are held on a track and the first one that reaches the finish line wins the race.

Greyhound racing is mostly performed for leisure however, the sport is taken seriously in countries such as Macau, Ireland, Australia, Spain, Great Britain, Mexico, and the U.S.

Commercial greyhound racing has become a staple sport for these countries, but its popularity is going down because of animal rights groups that protest against using dogs for sport.

Nonetheless, greyhound treatment has improved greatly over the past years thanks to regulations that mandate the proper maintenance of racetracks and greyhound health plans. Thanks to these developments, the gambling industry on greyhound races has experienced a boom over the past couple of years.

It’s not just about the improved welfare of these dogs, but the betting game has become more convenient for bettors. Take as an example. It’s where you can check the latest and upcoming greyhound races and bet on them with just a few clicks.


With all these being said, one can see that animals indeed serve a lot of purposes. They can help us in agriculture, guard our homes, and provide us with entertainment. However, it’s important to remember that these animals also have emotions and can be extremely intelligent, which is why it’s important to treat them properly.

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