Game changer: What your personality says about the games you should play.

There are many types of gamblers, you’ll hear some say “I love to take a punt” or “I never gamble, I only trade stocks”; but just about everyone has a gambling bone in their body. But while we all have that drive to correctly guess the unpredictable, knowing what game is the best to play is the tricky part. Picking the right casino game for you by matching your personality with the type of casino game you are playing is crucial (take the likes of Dan Bilzerian for example).

Your best to finding the right game is to think about what you, as a gambler, are looking for. Do you feel like you’re one of these?

Mr Upmarket – For these types, it’s all about the prestige and the glamour. Getting dressed up, enjoying a fine dinner with friends and enjoying top shelf booze. You’ll no doubt find yourself sashaying your way onto the baccarat table – Ultimate James Bond style.

Little Miss Social – If you look forward most to having a few people to chat with while you game, you might be one of these. Online or off, you’re looking to pick up a table game, have a sit down and maybe have a quick catch up in between hands.

The Escapist – Sometimes you just have to get away from it all. The occasional spot of gambling is the perfect way for you to get some downtime. You’re the type of player that likes to spin the slots to tune out. Whiling away a few hours with decent graphics and lullaby sounds. Hopefully with a nice little win too.

Still unsure which type of gambler you are or what type of games you should be playing? Not sure if you should be playing slot games at or a hand of Blackjack at your local brick and mortar? Never fear! We have a quiz that’ll hopefully give you a better idea of what you like.

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