Football tips for accumulators

Every regular punter will be aware of how entertaining betting on football is and how big a part the accumulators play in it. Football accumulators are one of the most entertaining methods of betting on the sport, and it’s an easy way of predicting a handful of teams to win their respective fixtures. This unsurprisingly has meant that more bettors have opted to bet on this sort of market ahead of all others, even though alternatives are almost equally as tempting.

While a lot of websites will hail their ability to create and back a strong football accumulator bet, their tips fall wide of the mark. There’s also not a lot of places which explain how to create worthwhile football tips and what to look out for when placing your own. This is something that’s been thwarted by sites like FootyAccumulators, who always offer out their own football tips with as much clarity as possible and are specialists when it comes to building a football accumulator with genuine insight.

What makes up strong football tips?

It’s hard to definitively class the reasoning behind winning football tips but there are some factors which will certainly heighten your chances. This includes things like the bookmaker prices, which can be an indication of the selection’s chances of landing but shouldn’t be judged on face value, with research needed before choosing to back it with your own money.

You can reflect any football tips you’ve found with websites like FootyAccumulators, who might even have the same recommended bet on their own football tips pages. It’s not worth scrapping your tip if they don’t, but it could be a sign that you’ve not done enough research behind each team or might have failed to realise that a key player is out injured.

Creating your own football accumulator

The prices made available by bookmakers tend to play a big part in whether an outcome is worth backing as a single or adding into an accumulator. If you’re building your own acca, it would be advised to include a variety of odds, rather than making it full of prices which are too big or too small, as it increases your chances of landing a winner.

Some punters will think into basing their bets on bookie odds alone and it’s foolish to think that you can win bets based exclusively on that. The main thing any bet you get behind should be built on is a selection of football tips that you genuinely believe in. If they’re backed up by reasoning, statistics and football knowledge, you’ll be even more likely to win your chosen bet.

One of the most important things to remember is that no bet is ever set in stone and that your bet could easily win or lose, regardless of the preparation you might conduct beforehand. You’ll strengthen your chances of coming away with a winning football tip or accumulator if you do your research and shop around for selections and odds prior to placing your bet, but there’s only so much you can do when betting on something as unpredictable as football.


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