Deadline Day Shocker Now Odds On

It’s that day again! Yes, the day where everything is football goes crazy, players are flying all over the World, agents have their phones plugged up their backside and football fans wait nervously hoping that their main star will remain or that the next huge shiny signing will walk through the door.

For Arsenal fans today is probably more worrying than for other clubs. Team form aside they could be on the verge of losing two of their bigger names, or perhaps keeping them. For Manchester City, it could be yet another big addition to an already strong squad.

If we look at Arsenal’s Alexis Sanchez Unibet has him 1/3 for joining Manchester City but at 7/4 to remain at the Emirates Stadium. 10Bet are similar with 19/10 he stays, and 10/29 he goes. With just a year remaining on his contract will they cash in?

It appears that at the moment Arsenal doesn’t want the cash but are looking more to getting one of City’s players in on the deal. The odds don’t look good for Arsenal though with their preferred choice, Raheem Sterling, 1/12 to remain at the Etihad when the window closes. There is some movement, or perhaps even some hope for Arsenal in that Sterling’s odds have moved from 9/2 to 7/2 within the last hour.

As we all know at this time, anything can happen on transfer deadline. If you’re looking for the big outside bet then Sterling moving to Chelsea is at 14/1 whilst Sanchez to Bayern is 40/1. If you’re completely bonkers you might be interested in a bet that Sanchez will join Spurs at just 25/1


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