Chelsea Transfer Updates Friday 19th January

Well we can 100% put you out of any misery caused by the Peter Crouch rumours. It’s not happening and there is zero interest. One has to admit it was quite a funny one though.

On a more negative point neither is Edin Dzecko. The cost involved in bringing him back the the UK will be astronimical for a player the wrong side of 30. There is also the player himself who is happy in Rome and is their main striker. He will not be wanting to head to West London only to sit on the bench.

Andy Carroll still remains an option but the injuries are a huge concern, especially as he would be used as a player to give Morata the odd break.

Real Madrid’s interest in Christensen is quiet but it still remains. Not this month though but you can expect this story to come to light close to the summer.

There also remains some interest in David Luiz from AC Milan but financially it won’t suit the Italian side, nor Chelsea, so there won’t be any movement this month. He will be made available in the summer if Conte stays though.


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