Chelsea striker looking for a return to Real Madrid

Chelsea attacker Alvaro Morata could be set for a sensational return to Real Madrid after just one season.

The Spaniard exploded on the Premier League stage when he first arrived, but the goals have now dried up and he is facing so much pressure and criticisms. The criticisms seem to have gotten to him and he has opened the door for Real Madrid to come and get him back.

He has been sidelined by a back injury for some time now and in his absence the Blues have been struggling to score or win games. Rather than focus on his recovery, he granted an interview Spanish football show Espacio Reservado where he was asked if he would fancy a move back to Real Madrid, he replied:

“I have to respect Chelsea who have made a great effort for me.
“And I’m very happy here. But Madrid is always Madrid.”

Real Madrid are struggling to score goals at the moment and they were very reluctant to allow him leave them in the first place. Los Balancos are expected to bring in some new signings next summer and Morata could be targeted for a third spell.

It is also believed by some sections of Chelsea fans that if Antonio Conte leaves at the end of this season, Morata could be moved on too.


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