Chelsea in trouble from above again?

Chelsea have once again had to deny any wrongdoing within the transfer market after it emerged the West London side are under investigation from FIFA, and have been since September last year.

Chelsea were very quick to quell any accusations with a Chelsea spokesman stating: “Chelsea FC complies with all FIFA statutes and regulations when recruiting players.”

The statement follows an investigation by FIFA that Chelsea have been signing players under the age of 18 and was carried out by FIFA’s Transfer Matching System (TMS) compliance unit. FIFA rules prohibit international transfers for players under the age of 18, unless: their parents emigrate for non-footballing reason; the player and club are based within 50km of an international border; or the transfer is within the EU or European Economic Area (where the minimum age is 16).

This is the third time now in eight years that Chelsea have been investigated and it remains to be seen whether the club will face any punishment if found guilty. FIFA are yet to comment on the situation.


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