Bingo is more popular than…

Bingo has continued to grow in popularity with more and more people playing both online and in bingo halls across the UK and worldwide. This is shown in the fact that more people now play in comparison to many sports. Here we look at the history of Bingo and how it has changed over time.


Through the legalisation of gambling and the opening of small betting shops also came more bingo players. Theatres transformed into Bingo halls and clubs for the public.


The growth of Bingo became more and more apparent in the 1970s with over 2,000 Bingo halls across Britain and a large number of people turning out to indulge in this weekly activity.


Only 1,600 venues were about through the mid-1980s due to the major gaming companies taking over with bigger venues therefore putting many smaller Bingo companies out of Business.


Major gaming chains completely took over by the 1990s with the well-established names of Gala and Mecca like they still are currently today.


More and more players turned to the online market rather than attending Bingo halls therefore resulting in many closures across the UK. Also for Women aged between 20 and 25 this became the number one leisure activity.

Bingo is one of the only two gambling games that is more popular with Women than it is Men. This is down to the fact that it is low risk and in reality a soft form of gambling. Bingo focuses more on the social side than on the gambling itself in many cases.

Sport England conducted a survey that showed 1.7 million Brits play tennis every month compared to 1.9 million that now play Bingo. If Bingo was a sport it would be 6th in popularity in Britain which just shows the ever growing game is a favourite for many. Another aspect of Bingo in recent times has shown that more people play in December than other parts of the year. December is renowned as Bingo season with in some cases a staggering 50 per cent rise in players.

One significant change over time from Bingo players is the continued drop in those who attend Bingo halls with only 800,000 people across Britain. This is shown by the percentage falling a massive 75 per cent in recent years due to the growth of the online platform. Online Bingo is the future with new types of games bringing in a wider fan base. In 2011 online Bingo, from companies like Paddy Power bingo was bringing in over £600 million for the industry showing its huge popularity. This is again shown in 2015 when over £1.1 billion was staked over the year in Britain. It is safe to say Bingo is an ever growing force in gambling.

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