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There aren’t many betting brokers out there. Actually let’s redefine that. There aren’t many GOOD betting brokers out there. Brokers where punters can rely upon and trust that they will not just disappear one day out of the blue. And there have been quite a few such cases in the past. However, when an agent celebrates 10 full years of active and uninterrupted service it can only mean that we are talking about a WELL-ESTABLISHED and WELL-RESPECTED brand name. And that name listens to BET-IBC.

For the uninitiated, a betting agent or betting broker provides a link between the players and the bookmakers. For a number of reasons, not all players have access to all bookmakers. A broker mediates so that everyone can have access to the bookmaker of their choice. And BET-IBC excels at this role.


A word of caution:

BET-IBC is not to be misconstrued with the old IBCBET bookmaker that has changed name to MAXBET. Maxbet is one of BET-IBC’s closest and best partners but it is a different company.




BET-IBC has been around since 2007. Right from the start it was the go to place for everyone that needed to register to some of the best bookmakers in the betting industry with an ever growing assortment of Sportsbook and Exchange bookies.

Their website is always up-to-date and available in as many as 31 different languages. It includes betting news, the currently available bookmakers where you can open betting accounts easily, reviews on those bookmakers and a comprehensive set of instructions on how to use their services. The site also contains a lot of helping tools for all bettors (regardless of their status as costumers) such as an odds converter, an Asian Handicap calculator, tutorials and a section for trading software. There is also a live-scores section where almost all main sport events can be found. They also run promotions and offers for those lucky ones that are always on the lookout.

Through BET-IBC you can currently open accounts at Sportsbooks like BetISN, Maxbet, Pinnacle Sports(Pinbet88), Sbobet, and their very own VIP betting platform. For those that prefer Exchanges, they can find their solutions at Matchbook and/or their most recent offer specifically for horse racing Turf7.




This is a really unique platform that stands out from the rest of their betting services and deserves a special mention and checking out. Its basic concept is to offer the ability to bet at several bookmakers simultaneously through a single account. However, it also comes with a set of advantages that many bettors would find useful. Advantages like:

  • Higher betting limits than a usual account
  • The best odds available at the bookmakers at any given moment
  • A wide assortment of markets for the various sports incorporated
  • An even greater number of bookmakers to choose from. At this time the list includes BetISN, Pinnacle(Pinbet88), Sbobet, Maxbet, Singbet, Betdaq, BA133, AFB, BOOM, CMD, GA288, GV, MMM, WINFT, Betfair and Matchbook. And this list keeps growing all the time.

The sports offered are Football, Baseball, Ice hockey, Tennis, Basketball, Cricket, American Football and Rugby. Since the platform is quite intuitive, both the list of sports and the list of available markets per sport grow constantly.

Kickback for Highrollers

At this time (and it seems that this program is here to stay) BET-IBC offers a 0.1% kickback to their customers with accounts at Pinbet, BetISN and SBObet if their turnover per calendar month reaches or exceeds the amount of 300,000 Euros.

Similarly, they offer a 50% return of the paid commissions to the customers with VIP accounts whose per calendar month turnover reaches or exceeds the total amount of 600,000 Euros.

Another one of their strong suites is that they allow their customers to transfer funds from one bookmaker account to another in what they call “interbookmaker transfer”. It should, of course, be understood that in order to profit from the service all accounts must be opened through BET-IBC. For those that like to maintain multiple accounts it’s an advantage that helps them bankrolling those accounts.


Additional Services:


  • Funding:

The most widely used payment options are available through e-wallets like Ecopayz, Neteller and Skrill. Processing fees can vary between 1% and 5% depending on the currency chosen from the 5 available and the payment method. Deposits and withdrawals are handled fast (usually within a few hours) provided that the information is accurate and that there is no issue attributed to force majeure (in which case there will be a public announcement).

  • Customer Support:

This is one of the most comprehensive customer services available not just in the betting world but in doing business in general. Apart from the usual e-mail support where messages are responded to promptly and at any of the 31 languages available, there is also support through Skype and Live Chat in several languages like English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese and Turkish.

  • Ease of use:

Any registration process is fast and easy. The site contains registration forms for all the bookmakers offered. Completing one takes just a few minutes. For some of the bookmakers an email with the login details and info will be dispatched immediately. For the others, an initial deposit is required before the login details and info are sent. In any case to be able to use an account, a deposit will be required.




BET-IBC has proven over the years that it is a trustworthy betting brokerage service despite the difficult terrain of the industry (mainly the balance between unrestricted and restricted countries) where it usually operates, giving lots of players the freedom and the chance to open accounts where they otherwise would not be able to, or would struggle with bookmakers’ limits or other restrictions. If you belong in one of the categories above, then BET-IBC is the alternative you are looking for. For more information they are reachable through live chat on their website, skype: Skype (ID: or e-mail (


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