Arsenal V Manchester City League Cup Preview

On Saturday February 25 at 18:30 GMT, the historic Wembley Stadium will host the 58th final for the English Football League Cup of the 2017 – 2018 between the Gunners of Arsenal and the Sky Blues of Manchester City.

If this match was held about a month ago the result would have been easy to predict. It would have been an easy victory for the Citizens. However, things have changed after they were quite outclassed by Liverpool and lost 4-3 at Anfield. The only reason they managed to score twice at the end of that game was the schizophrenia that ravages the Reds this season and allows their opponents to score at will out of nowhere! The 1-1 draw at Burnley is an even better example that it may very well be that Manchester City is running a slight decline in their performance. Just a slight one mind you, nothing too bad!

It would also appear that schizophrenia is contagious! How else can one describe what is going on with the Gunners lately! A loss at Bournemouth 2-1 away, a 4-1 demolishing of Crystal Palace at home, another loss by 3-1 at Swansea, another demolition by 5-1, this time of Everton, and a 1-0 defeat by the Spurs. To cap it all, they lost 2-1 at home by Östersunds FK for the Europa League! One can only conclude that we are talking about a serious case of inconsistency!

However, it is exactly that inconsistency that makes Saturday’s final interesting! It could very well be that we will be present to one of Arsenal’s most brilliant performances of the season! It is a final after all, that comes with an award at the end, and if that happens, it will be a game subject of discussion for years to come!
What we can be relatively sure of is that both teams will score! The famous Sky Blue defence that was very difficult to break until the game at Anfield, has been conceding heavily lately (6 goals in 6 games), while the 12-10 record of goals for and against for Arsenal in their last six performances is ample proof that they score as easily as they concede!

The odds at the bookmakers are heavily in favour of Manchester City as they have been more consistent throughout the year. The best ones can be found at the VIP Platform. Which ones you will choose is up to you based on your own homework and gut feeling.


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