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The conditions in the betting industry drive punters into a relentless search for ways to open betting accounts at the best bookmakers. New solutions always present themselves and make waves in the markets. Such a new solution is offered by a new and rapidly rising broker: ACC-EX. It promises to offer accounts at the best Sportsbooks and Exchanges guaranteeing security, reliability and the best customer support.


Their website is simple enough to use providing all relevant information right from the start. The menus at the top display all the options available and all the data needed by the player. However, it is a new broker with a new site so additions and improvements should be expected in the future.

For starters, they are offering accounts at Bet365 and Betfair. The first is the second best and most searched for Sportsbook while every bettor in existence knows that Betfair is recognized as the best bookmaker in the world either in Sportsbooks or Exchanges. Interested parties have the option to open accounts at either one of the aforementioned or at both at the same time.

A significant difference in the way they operate in comparison to other brokers is that ACC-EX works as a membership club rather than an open to everyone agent. Players that want to open accounts must be referred to by an already registered member of the club, another agent/broker, or a forum recognized by the company. It is possible to become a member through the usual KYC process used by online bookmakers, or by getting a letter of recommendation from an agent/broker/forum or an existent Club Member in your name, sent to the email address:


The online world progresses fast. To keep up, companies must always add new services and new products to remain appealing to their existing and future clientele. Under this context, the third bookmaker added to ACC-EX is 9WICKETS.

9WICKETS is also a new Exchange offering all major sports like Football, Tennis, Basketball, American Football, Baseball, Horse Racing, Cricket and Ice Hockey, while boasting a liquidity comparable to Betfair’s with a few advantages in cost. As the latest developments in technology demand, their site provides a mobile version affording the chance to every punter to place bets on the go. Residents from the USA are the only ones restricted.

As far as deposits and withdrawals are concerned the usual payment options through the services of e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller are available.

Membership Structure:

There are 4 levels to the club membership hierarchy:

A) Silver
Members get a 10-day membership and they are allowed to make 1 recommendation for another player to become a member.

B) Gold
The membership here is for 1 month and the recommendation allowance is for 2 prospected members.

C) Premium
Membership is for 3 months and 3 players can be recommended.

D) Platinum
The highest level offers 6 months membership and the ability to recommend 4 other people for the service.


To summarize, the new player in the online betting industry starts big. Two major bookmakers in their roster that no one can refuse, a top class customer service, a new Brand Exchange that shows great promise and we can only expect more over time to welcome all kinds of players, experienced and new. In this very competitive industry it’s not an easy feat to stand out and ACC-EX is off to a good start.

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