6 Must-follow Twitter Accounts for Football Betting

One thing that successful bettors have in common is keeping up to date with what’s going on in the football world. For any betting rookies out there, one of the best ways to place smart and analytical bets is through doing your research. Gather information from various platforms to get the best tip of the day to bet on.

Like live television and online news sites, Twitter is a great source to get real-time news for live scores. To make sure that you’re following reliable accounts here’s a quick rundown of the must-follow Twitter accounts for Football betting.

1. @Squawka

First on the list is Squawka, a great account to follow for some light and fun content about all things football. With over a million followers on Twitter, you can get engaging content like opinion-pieces on the latest football events. If you’re looking for quick and entertaining football updates, give Squawka a follow.

2. @GracenoteLive

GracenoteLive’s Twitter accounts are a great source of information for active football bettors out there. You’ll be getting updates on the newest football statistics, facts and figures. They share information-packed charts, tables and graphs to help bettors understand the analytics easily. Along with providing useful football analytics, they also provide unique insights from their team’s football experts.

3. @WhoScored

With over 700 thousand followers on Twitter, WhoScored is another great source of football updates. If you’re looking for a place to get detailed football statistics in real-time, WhoScored does just that. The London based team of football analysts and software developers provides valuable and unique football content.

4. @OptaPro

With a mission to provide reliable and valuable football updates to fans around the world, OptaPro is a great account to follow on Twitter. They cover soccer analytics on a global scale. You can get football relate-articles and the latest statistics that can help you gain insight before you place a bet. Additionally, OptaPro also provides helpful infographics and videos for bettors.

5. @SkyFootball

One of the most reputable football new sources in this lineup is Sky Sports’s official Twitter account, SkyFootball. With just under 400k followers, SkyFootball is a great way to keep up to date on all things EFL, SPFL and the UEFA Nations Leagues. If you’re looking for the most latest and reliable football news source, SkyFootball is a great option for you.

6. @MattDoyle76

Last in the lineup is MLSAnalyst, a Twitter account run by football expert Matthew Doyle. This Twitter account is ideal for football bettors who are interested in U.S and Canada soccer/football. Doyle provides insights on fixture previews, lasted updates and performance analysis. To get the best insights on football news in U.S and Canada, Matt Doyle is a great option for you.

While there are many more football-related Twitter accounts out there, the accounts mentioned above are a great selection that all football bettors can start with. Overall, these quick updates and insights from Twitter can help you make better and smarter betting decisions.


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Updated: August 26, 2020 — 1:15 pm
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