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7 Key Points for Rookie Bettors

When you get to the bottom of this article, you will think “God, there is so much work to be successful bettor”. That might be true, because to be successful means working hard and thinking smart. A simple bet365 bonus code 2017 won’t help you get good bets. In the end you are the one that decides which bets you are going to wager.
So, considering you are an absolute rookie in betting that wants to become a successful hard working, smart thinking bettor, here are some of the most important points in betting. Read them carefully, and implement them meticulously.

1. Objectives That You Can Achieve
The ultimate objective for a sports bettor is to become the ultimate tipster, the King of Tipsters that all other bettors ask for advice. Although there is nothing wrong to set this kind of an objective in your sports betting career, try to start first with objectives that you can achieve. Keep in mind that beginners are more likely to lose, so try to learn from your mistakes as you place bets.

2. A Betting Plan
If you want to be smart, try making up your own betting plan. A betting plan means that you will be less likely to chase your losses when you have a bad run, less like to lose the money that you won, and more likely to think rationally.

3. Select Your Bets Carefully
Today’s sports betting operators offer ample of betting options, more than you will ever use in your life. There are always at least 30 sports to choose from with hundreds of leagues and events every month. But, that doesn’t mean that you have to let yourself loose and bet on everything. A smart bettor is selective and tries to be consistent.

4. Online or Offline?
There is no doubt that online is the much better option. It’s more convenient, the odds are better, there are bonuses and all kinds of perks to get you started. Online sports betting operators offer much bigger benefits than those offline.

5. Are You Able to Find Value?
‘Value’ is one of the most mysterious words in betting and gambling. What is value? Which bets give you value? If you want for betting to be your alternative or primary source of income, it is of utmost importance to understand what value means in betting and identify only positive expected value in odds and selections.

6. Compare Odds
It’s nice to be loyal to a sports betting operator because that way you can become a VIP bettor and get lots of benefits. But, try to compare the odds from time to time between operators. If another operator offers better odds for the same event, forget loyalty!

7. Keep Records
A rookie bettor trying to become a pro needs to keep records of how much he bets. That way you can keep track of how much you spend, which makes it easier to stick to a budget, and it helps you monitor what is that you are doing wrong.


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